Jacob “Igor” Creager brings Melancholy Alternative Folk with lyrics strung together like a patchwork quilt woven from a Dirge. Igor is a Multifaceted Visionary Artist, Singer-Songwriter, & Multi-Instrumentalist.

Igor has an ever-present focus on the Arts, having studied multimedia formally for four years (64 college credits from ‘2006-2008’, & a 2 year vocational program from ‘2004-2006’) & having traveled a lifelong journey toward the Artistic pursuit.

Having attained his first guitar almost 20 years ago, Igor has had the opportunity to learn under some truly phenomenal musicians and songwriters through workshops, lessons, & music camps. (Guitar Lessons with Chris Bota of Desmond Jones, & a multitude of Workshops with the likes of Singer-Songwriter May Erlewine, Paul Kowert of the Punch Brothers, & Kate Pillsbury/Emilee Petersmark of the Crane Wives)

A bit of a Jack of All Trades artistically, in addition to music & songwriting, he has been pursuing illustration, design, animation, video, photography, & luthiery (Instrument Building). Festivals have been pivotal in the development of Igor’s life as an artist, attending Festival of the Arts in his youth and becoming an avid music festival participant in adulthood. Acting on-stage has also been a very foundational performative Art pursued by Igor throughout his youth & adolescence as he performed on stage in 5 Theatrical Productions in his teens.

Perseverance prevails in Igor, owed in part to a background in Athletics. He has 7 seasons of competitive Wrestling under his belt (Collegiate/Folkstyle/Freestyle), & he’s a former Honorable Mention All-Conference 5k Cross Country Runner.

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